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Strategic Planning

This full-day workshop will get you focused on your goals for the coming year and create a plan for achieving them. Designed for individuals, we can also provide this in a group setting. In a group setting, the workshop cost of $499 includes the workbook, materials and a follow-up 60 minute one-on-one coaching session to help you implement your plans. The individual approach is more flexible and more intensive. If all meetings are held in your office, the cost is $699.

Customized Group Programs 

These programs are developed to meet the unique needs of specific groups. Whether it is a strategic planning retreat for a group of partners, or sales coaching for a department or the consultants in a network marketing organization, or an entertaining team-building event for a group of employees, we structure the program to recognize the needs of the individuals and the goals of the organization.

Individual Coaching, In Person Or By Phone/Video Conference

For people with an immediate need or goals that aren't being realized, individual coaching is a more flexible approach. Together we determine how often to meet and what to work on.  We can meet face to face if you are in Lake County, Illinois (North of Chicago) or talk by phone or do Face Time sessions.

Some clients want to talk at least once a week to focus on current issues and be held accountable for results. A 30 minute time slot is set aside on the same day each week for these call-in sessions. We'll talk about what you've accomplished in the past week, examine the current challenges and develop strategies that will help you to make significant progress toward your goals. People who travel frequently, are located at a distance, or have schedules that are difficult to predict have found this approach to be effective.

Financial Analysis and Benchmarking

For businesses with revenues of between $750k and $100m we can provide an analysis of how you compare to your peers, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and suggest areas for improvement. Through interviews and a review of corporate tax returns we can help you to focus on the changes that will improve your bottom line, the return on your investment.

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