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Just Starting?

Starting a business is exciting. Part of that excitement is knowing the risks you are about to take - and the potential rewards. When I meet with people I often tell them that my role is to help them to be successful and, more importantly, to help them to keep from failing. That means having a plan, recognizing the risks, and making sure you can fund the startup phase of the business.

I've worked with hundreds of people interested in starting their own business and, as a result, I've created two documents for download that might help you to be successful. The first is a graph that illustrates the the challenges of starting any business. The other is a checklist of items anyone thinking of starting a business should consider. It's arranged in a way that makes the startup expenses incremental - expenses are incurred only as needed to get to the next logical milestone and not until it makes sense to proceed. For a more complete description of the step by step process visit the companion website.

Each business - and each owner - is unique. We can tailor a coaching approach to meet your needs. Call me at (847) 502-2663 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Individual Coaching

For people with an immediate need or goals that aren't being met, individual coaching is a more flexible approach. Together we determine how often to meet and what to work on.  We can meet face to face if you are in Lake County, Illinois (North of Chicago) or talk by phone.

Some clients want to talk at least once a week to focus on current issues and be held accountable for results. A 30 minute time slot will be scheduled on the same day each week for these phone-in sessions. We'll talk about what you've accomplished in the past week, examine the current challenges and develop strategies that will help you to make significant progress toward your goals. People who travel frequently, are located at a distance, or have schedules that are difficult to predict have found this approach to be effective. 

Whether you need a mentor, a consultant, help with new ideas, an action plan or just better results, call me. What have you got to lose?

Dave Ferguson, President and Head Coach

Lake County Business Coaching

Libertyville, Illinois 60048

(847) 502-2663

Updated June 1, 2022