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by Dave Ferguson

The first book in the series is now available at (ISBN 978-0615567921) in paperback and Kindle electronic versions. Order the paperback version direct from the publisher by clicking here. Visit Amazon to look inside the book before you buy it and to buy the Kindle electronic version at a discount.

The Business Owner’s Bible – Operating on Faith is an inspiring collection of commentaries on overcoming the challenges business owners face every day. It’s about conquering fear and celebrating success, written by a small business owner who has helped hundreds of business owners improve their results and rediscover the joy in owning their business.

The book provides an opportunity to reflect on what business is and how it needs to work to be successful. Moreover, it helps every business owner to recognize how their business can contribute to their life and not become something that takes it over. It’s a reflection on what works and what doesn’t, how to recognize opportunity and how to build on success. It’s about building a business that gives you income - and joy.

Readers of the book will have access to an invitation-only web page with free resources and other valuable content.

The Business Owner’s Bible – Operating on Faith is the first in a series of books for business owners that focus on the experience and challenge of owning a business. Watch for the second book in the series, subtitled Epiphanies, that will tell the stories of successful business owners who suddenly discovered something that would need to change to take their business to the next level – a "blinding flash of the obvious", an epiphany.

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Updated July 24, 2015