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The Small Business Strategic Planning Workbook 

for 2022

by Dave Ferguson

Whatever your situation, this workbook is intended to help, especially in the age of Covid-19. It has evolved from the full day Strategic Planning Workshop I developed for small business owners. After doing the workshop several times, seeing the way it changed the thinking – and the results – of the participants, I knew it needed to be in a format that any small business owner could use anywhere and anytime to improve their results. I publish a revised version each fall for the coming year.

Most of the small business owners I know don’t have the time to spend a full day away from their business. This workbook will give you the flexibility to work on each section as you have time. To order a copy visit Amazon.


by Dave Ferguson 

My first book has been revised and is now available at in paperback and Kindle electronic versions. Visit Amazon to look inside the book.

The Business Owner’s Bible – Operating on Faith is an inspiring collection of commentaries on overcoming the challenges business owners face every day. It’s about conquering fear and celebrating success, written by a small business owner who has helped hundreds of business owners improve their results and rediscover the joy in owning their business. 

The book provides an opportunity to reflect on what business is and how it needs to work to be successful. Moreover, it helps every business owner to recognize how their business can contribute to their life and not become something that takes it over. It’s a reflection on what works and what doesn’t, how to recognize opportunity and how to build on success. It’s about building a business that gives you income - and joy. 

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Updated June 1, 2022