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Which approach will give me the greatest return on my investment?

Start With a Complimentary Consultation

So many choices, so little time. You know your results could be better, but what action should you take right now to make it so? Let's look at it together. We offer 30 minute complimentary telephone consultations. We'll talk about where you are now and where you want to be in your business. We'll talk about the things that need to be done to reach your goals. Together we'll decide if it makes sense to work together. To schedule your consultation, call the office at (847) 502-2663 or email Dave.

OK, I'm interested, but what will it cost?

Would you be willing to invest between $200 and $350 a month to radically improve your results? That's what my clients typically spend on coaching programs, and they see a significant return - typically 400% to 800%  - on their investment. We don't require long-term commitments to get the immediate benefits, but we do recommend at least three sessions over a period of three months because it takes time to implement the changes that lead to real results. We accept credit cards to make it even easier. Remember, your results won't change until you take action.

Individual Coaching, In Person Or By Phone/Video Conference

For people with an immediate need or goals that aren't being realized, individual coaching is a more flexible approach. Together we determine how often to meet and what to work on.  We can meet face to face if you are in Lake County, Illinois (North of Chicago), talk by phone, or do Face Time or Skype sessions.

Some clients want to talk at least once a week to focus on current issues and be held accountable for results. A 30 minute time slot is set aside on the same day each week for these call-in sessions. We'll talk about what you've accomplished in the past week, examine the current challenges and develop strategies that will help you to make significant progress toward your goals. People who travel frequently, are located at a distance, or have schedules that are difficult to predict have found this approach to be effective.

Strategic Planning

This full-day workshop will get you focused on your goals for the coming year and create a plan for achieving them. Designed for individuals, we can also provide this in a group setting. All workshops include materials and a 60 minute individual follow-up session. We can also do individual sessions which are more flexible and more intensive. Call Dave for pricing.

Consider buying the Small Business Strategic Planning Workbook before deciding on a more expensive approach. It's available on Amazon.

Dave Ferguson, President and Head Coach

Lake County Business Coaching

Libertyville, Illinois 60048

(847) 502-2663

Updated June 1, 2022