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Our clients have made us the leader in business coaching. Their referrals are our greatest source of new business. Listen to what they are saying:

"I was working IN my business not ON my business. ….Working with you kept me focused on the long term goals and steps I would need to take to reach those goals. …..You not only held me accountable but saw my business in a different light than I did. You opened my mind to a new way to view my business. It is a wonderful opportunity to have a business coach take a look at what I was doing and offer some suggestions on how to move in a different direction.….I was concerned about taking time out for business coaching. However, the time I spent working with you was definitely worth the hours out of the office to learn skills that made me more effective and opened brand new opportunities to me. I hope all business owners take the time to meet with you and learn the valuable skills you have to offer." Paula Fortini, Owner,  Lil Langauge Scholars

“Dave Ferguson is a seasoned pragmatist. There’s no hocus pocus about his coaching. It’s solid, doable and based on years of experience and insights. It wasn’t long before I located my blind spots, and had a plan to deal with them. He knows the right questions to ask, and patiently helps you work through the answers. I highly recommend him.” Kathy Eber, Owner, Port Eber Communications

"One of the greatest things I have done for my business has been to align myself with a world-class business coach and long-term strategic visionary. Dave Ferguson, aka “The Growth Coach” handles this role with ease. He has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support both personally and professionally. Dave's personable approach to guidance and support provides a unique framework when it comes to clarifying one’s purpose and vision. His unique ability to see through the clutter has helped me to navigate the terrain in pursuit of my long-term vision and goals. I can highly recommend Dave to anyone who would like to become more focused, use their time more efficiently and who would like to see their visions come to pass."   Steven Lanham, Owner, Ezdirectmail

"Dave , is "da coach"! Dave is a joy to work with. I worked with Dave in the beginning and start up of Jem Wireless. Dave is diplomatic and has a great entrepreneurial perspective. I recommend him to anyone who wants to transform your organization." Bernie Rose, Owner, JEM Wireless

"The Growth Coach has been a wonderful addition to my team. He has made me a better "player" in the insurance and investment business. Like any good coach he has helped me break down and analyze my weaknesses, helped me focus on my strengths, and tune in to what my business is truly about: relationships. Dave is a wealth of information and ideas and is very good at helping you realize the wealth of knowledge and ideas that you have inside. Like any good coach, he empowers you to be a better leader, mentor, salesperson, or whatever it is you want to improve on in your life. I am very grateful for meeting my coach and my business has definitely benefited."   Michael J. Brankin, MBA, j.b.michael financial group

"Time Management is a very difficult topic to tackle, but I thought your approach to it was well thought out, allowed for input from our staff, and was a practical, hands-on approach to improving our production here at the Chamber. The tools used to help us focus on what the real issues were, as well as allowing us to learn a little bit about ourselves, were very helpful as well."    Steve Robinson, President, Lake County Chamber of Commerce

"Dave Ferguson has helped me focus on my goals, better organize my business and strategize for future growth. His keen listening skills, coupled with his approachable manner and excellent advice, have been instrumental to me in helping me get my business on track. I would heartily recommend Dave to any business owner looking to increase their effectiveness and grow their business.  Janet McMahan, Owner, Jack & Jill Communications

"With 20 years experience in corporate America before starting my business I had plenty of experience thinking strategically, developing goals and putting action plans in place. While running my own business however, I found it way too easy to get too wrapped up in the small daily fires and neglecting the big picture. With the help of Dave as my Growth Coach, I feel back on track and re-energized. I have found myself less distracted with the day-to-day issues allowing me more time to continue to work on growing my business. It has been especially rewarding lately because I can see things moving in the right direction. What a great feeling!"  Bill Perry, Owner, Maid Brigade of Lake County

Dave Ferguson, President and Head Coach

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Updated June 1, 2022