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Lake County Business Coaching was founded in 2005 by Dave Ferguson in Libertyville, Illinois. Prior to launching this business, Dave was Operations Manager for Carlson Design/Construct Corporation in their Chicago office. He was responsible for hiring and training staff, establishing and managing budgets, exceeding clients’ expectations, and strategic planning for the future. He had been transferred to Chicago from the Boston area where he was the Manager of Training and Compliance for Carlson's eleven regional offices. Working with all levels within the organization, Dave developed procedures to improve their performance.

With over 35 years of real-world experience, he's worked for large and small companies and owned his own remodeling business as a sole proprietor. Now, through is public speaking, articles, and newsletters he strives to educate, encourage, and support local businesses.

"I’ve always sought to get the best performance from my associates, vendors, reports, and managers by providing mentoring and coaching on an on-going basis. Lake County Business Coaching builds on that experience and allows me to focus on helping people achieve success in their business and enrich their personal lives."

We help you to slow down, reflect and map out critical changes you want to make to improve your business and life. We focus on results. Our clients work smarter, earn more, and enjoy richer - and more balanced - lives.

If you want to find out if coaching could help, call (847) 502-2663 and speak with Dave Ferguson or contact him directly by to arrange a complimentary consultation. If we decide that working together makes sense, we will develop a personalized solution to meet your needs and reach your goals.

Dave Ferguson, President and Head Coach

Lake County Business Coaching

Libertyville, Illinois 60048

(847) 502-2663

Updated January 30, 2023